Release Date: February 27, 2010
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“Take back your life” is the orchestral version of one of the two bonus tracks composed by M-Feel for the album True Love.

Album Review

Maybe its the intensity of her look, or maybe the undisputed care, passion and class in this project. It is however difficult to establish what that magical and irrational sensation, which transpires while listening to True Love, really is. It is the first work by an artist/songwriter who tells us about her youthful experience through a very personal style. ANUHEL has managed to blend in a transparent and organic manner the atmospheres of the capital of the world, Rome, her home, and those of the open, wide spaces of west America. With no doubt, in this work there is more than just the mere music and lyrics. The manner in which great classics have been elaborated, the spontaneity and freshness of the original compositions, the unique colour of the voice, all lead to a rare matching of talent and rationality. And probably this complexity of sensations is the most attractive element in True Love, a record that will surely leave a mark in the minds and in the hearts of those who listen to it.
- Chiara Longo -